Online Pay Per Call

There are many ways to promote pay per call campaigns online. Much of the current pay per call traffic comes from mobile online marketing. Here are a few samples of methods used to promote pay per call online.

Search Marketing

Search engine marketing is currently the most popular method for promoting pay per call marketing campaigns. This is likely due to the easy access to click to call via advertising extensions. Both Google and Bing allow for advertisers to utilize click to call extensions, bypassing the website and allowing users to click directly on the ad to call.

The nature of pay per call marketing also creates a good experience for advertisers and users, since users are looking for a specific offer or product. Pay per call allows the users to quickly and easily connect with the advertisers call center and they can get exactly what they need.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is also know as banner advertising and simply means the placement of banners on websites, applications, video or some other form of online media. The most effective form of pay per call display advertising would allow users to click to call directly from the banner creative. Currently most traffic for click to call marketing is being delivered from apps and mobile websites. Publishers can promote their pay per call campaigns on networks like Tapjoy, Jumptap, Lyfe Mobile, Google, etc.

Email Marketing

As more and more users utilize their smartphones to check their email, the more likely more publishers will use email marketing to deliver pay per call ads to consumers. Currently email is not a large part of email marketing, but that will likely change in coming months and years. Part of the problem with email marketing is that many pay per call campaigns have ad scheduling and the advertiser call centers are only open for a set period within the day. But, an email marketer cannot know when a user would click to open an email message.

Social Media

Social media is another growth opportunity for pay per call and currently it’s not being used much for pay per call marketing. When advertisers like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter start to add click to call ads to their platforms we’re sure to see growth in pay per call social media.

SMS Advertising

SMS advertising for pay per call marketing is highly effective at driving calls, but due to new regulations this may change. Many publishers had been abusing SMS messages to promote campaigns and recent regulation changes, like TCPA, are designed to stop this type of marketing. When the dust settles and marketers learn how to promote pay per call via SMS adverting, this delivery method will likely grow in size and effectiveness.