Offline Pay Per Call

In addition to online marketing methods there are several pay per call marketing methods that take place offline. Below is a quick list of those methods.

In-Call Ads

In-Call ads are advertisemnt recordings placed within a call center interactive voice response. The In-Call ads can be delivered to users on a service like a chatline or simply users that are waiting online. These users will have an ad that plays and the caller can press a key to leave their current place and visit an advertisement. In-Call ads are quickly proving to by a highly effective traffic source for pay per call.


Since pay per call marketing utilizes phone numbers for tracking purposes it’s quite easy for offline publishers to create print ads. These print ads can be as formal as a newspaper, magazine or insert placement. But, they can also be as informal as a door to door flyer, placement on cars in a parking lot, or dropped from a building down to potential callers below. Print pay per call ads can be placed almost anywhere.


Radio and Television ads can be quite effective placements for pay per call ads. The ads are placed on a media purchase for radio or tv and publishers are recommended to utilize 800 numbers, to allow callers to remember the phone numbers. These radio and tv ads could potentially be offline or online.

Call Center

Call centers can make use of pay per call marketing as an upsell or the main purpose of a call, simply transferring a caller to a pay per call performance based advertisement. Many advertisers require more rules and control around call center traffic, since agents are speaking to callers and potential customers.