What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Pay per call marketing, or advertising, is also referred to as cost per call marketing, is a form of advertising where users call a number, that number is assigned to a publisher and the publisher is paid out a commission or bounty for calls that last a set duration. The duration is determined by the advertiser and is designed to allow advertisers to only pay for qualified calls or leads.

Pay per call marketing is similar to pay per click marketing, however the advertiser pays per call, rather than click, and the publisher is paid the same way. Many performance marketing networks are using pay per call marketing to expand their advertiser list and provide publishers with a number of new options and methods of promotion, especially in mobile marketing.

Pay per call marketing is not new. In fact, it was first introduced in 2004 and many companies attempted to utilize pay per call at that time, but few found success. At that time mobile phones were not as prevalent and much web traffic was on desktop computers, so the likelihood that a user would call a phone number on a site was much lower.