Pay Per Call Tracking

Pay per call tracking usually involves duration based tracking that allows advertisers to set a duration that they are willing to pay for a qualified call. There are many pay per call tracking services and most use forward phone numbers to track, record and deliver callers to an advertiser’s call center. Below is a list of some of the pay per call tracking services.

Invoca (Previously RingRevenue)

RingRevenue builds innovative technology that simplifies call marketing automation, and drives more revenue for our customers.

Our patented, cloud-based platform gives businesses the power to set up and manage all offline, online and mobile marketing efforts in one place. It’s simple, safe and secure. By delivering seamless integration, clear attribution, and practical analytics we help you grow revenue across all marketing channels. Simply put, we make life easier!

Call Pixels

With CallPixels, you can instantly create phone numbers to track calls generated by marketing campaigns. We can help you track and consolidate key metrics for calls generated through affiliate marketing, paid search, organic search, social media ads, and offline advertising.

For affiliate marketers, CallPixels integrates with your existing CPA tracking system. Whether you use LinkTrust, Cake, HasOffers, DirectTrack, or your custom system, we have a turn-key solution. Our call tracking service can be used with or without an external conversion tracking system.

Log My Calls

Performance marketing agencies are delivering more leads, better leads, and proving it. Get the secret sauce. See how advertisers can leverage the power of LogMyCalls to automate marketing actions and close the loop on analytics. Join the 30,000+ publishers who have already learned how LogMyCalls can change the way you do business.

Ring Router

Ring Router takes a counter-intuitive approach to place the focus on YOU – the affiliate! The reason behind this approach is that if it weren’t for our affiliates, we wouldn’t succeed! YOU are the engine that drives our machine. YOU have your finger on the pulse of America and we reward your dedication with access to one of the premier payout systems in the industry!! This teamwork approach places us high above the competition. And that is why this is all About You. We are able to connect to potential buyers all throughout the country because of YOU. As a result, Ring Router generously rewards your efforts with arguably one of the best payout rates in the industry!! Below are some of the advantages of working with you (our affiliates), in addition to utilizing the more common method of transferring lead calls through call center operators.